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Purchasing from outside of the UK



If you live outside of the UK we can save you money. The pound is at a 30 year low against other currencies so we have never been better value. If you have any questions, just contact us for more information.


Purchasing from outside of the EU:

- You are eligable for an additional saving of 20% as you do not need to pay UK VAT (Value Added Tax). If you live in a non-EU country, there are several ways to purchase and save the tax.

- Buying through our website. On website purchases, if your delivery address is confirmed as non-EU, the shopping cart will automatically deduct the tax. You will be charged the tax free price (prices on our website are including tax - so you will pay less).

- Mail Order. If you call or email us to arrange your order and request that we send your purchase to you at an address outside of the EU, we do not need to charge the 20% VAT. Our website advertises prices including tax so you will pay less.

- Buying in store. Should you come to visit us in store, we have VAT claim forms which we can fill out for you. Unfortunately, legally, we must initially charge the full amount including VAT but you can take the completed and stamped forms to a customs and excise centre at the airport when departing the UK who will stamp the form and return it to us. If your departing airport does not have a customs desk, after you pass through security you will see blue customs (HMRC) post boxes. Take an envelope and put your form inside the box. Customs will do the rest. Once we recieve the form back from HMRC, We can then refund the tax to the card which you used to pay in store. We do not use any third party tax reclaim companies which means you will be refunded the entire tax amount.  Refunds usually take around 14 days to complete.

For instructions and the location of the customs offices at your departure airport please follow the below links.






Purchasing from inside the EU (non-UK):

- If you live Inside the EU, you will be taking advantage of the weak pound which is at a 30 year low giving you huge savings. Shipping within the EU is very quick and cheap via our reputable couirer services so a purchase can be with you at a very low price and in a very short time. You will be covered by the manufacturers global warranty so you can be confident in buying from a distance. Phil Parker Ltd pledges to offer all foreign customers the same close contact and after sales care as it does for its domestic customers.

- You will be charged our advertised price in pounds. Whether buying through our website, by email, telephone or in store, the exhange rates currently make us very good value. For up to date currency calculations, follow the below link to a currency convertor. Your bank may add charges and offer different exchange rates so the currency convertor should only be used as an approximate guide. Please contact your bank to enquire about their charges if you are unsure.